Candice Gliatto – Owner and Master Colorist

Candice brings over a decade of experience and a strong background in coloring. She began her career at a young age following her entrepreneurial spirit to open her very own Citrus Salon in 2009.

What inspires you? As a business owner I find inspiration in other business’s (big or small) development. Watching a company or organization of people start from something very small and grow into an entire culture is amazing to watch. My team inspires me to be be the best leader that I can. I try to provide an environment where people can learn and grow. That is the most satisfying part of my job as a business owner and as a colorist.



Tessa Rangel – Master Stylist

Tessa entered the beauty industry as a Makeup Artist for MAC Cosmetics. Makeup came to her naturally and as a result she moved up the ladder with MAC quickly. It wasn’t long before she was branched out into the world of hair, perfecting cut and color mastery.

Any hair trends your obsessed with lately? I love blonding! Blonde balayage with a shadow root… There’s nothing more beautiful than a graceful grow out.


Adam Garay – Cutting Specialist & Advanced Education

Adam Garay’s styling career began long before beauty school. Encouraged by his mother at a young age, Adam began styling, coloring, and cutting the hair of his friends and family members. Adam has participated in one of the most competitive assistant programs in the state. It was through this program he refined the skills that lead him to become the talented stylist he is today.

Sarah Frank – Senior Stylist & Education Director 

Sarah’s studied at the Paul Mitchell academy, where she cultivated her passion for making her guests feel beautiful and revitalized. Growing up in Martinez, Sarah’s strong sense of community keeps her clients coming back for more. Yelp reviews rave, “I’ve made a new friend – and I’ve found someone to handle my unmanageable hair!”

What do you think makes Citrus unique to other salons? The education I have an unquenchable thirst for learning about new techniques and the upcoming Aveda products. We hold in house education every month, I love that we constantly grow and get better. You can never stop learning.



Veronica “Roni” Rodriguez – Advanced ll Stylist

Growing up in a family of stylists Veronica always knew she wanted to become a stylist. Her technique quickly developed when she attended the prestigious Aveda Institute in Portland, Oregon where she learned Aveda technique of color. Veronica’s passion is hair color and she loves executing total transformations.



Deanna Smith – Advanced ll Stylist

Deanna brings over six years of experience to Citrus Salon. With a strong passion for styling, ranging from intricate up-dos to classic styles of the past, her eye for detail has strengthened her career as a stylist and has made her a strong asset to the Citrus family.

What is the most important aspect being a hairdresser? I think education is vital for being a successful hair dresser. Not only continuing to educate yourself to be the best that you can be, but educating your guest as well. I love running into my clients and seeing that they nailed their style. Taking home the right tools for you to re-create a look on yourself is just as important as doing it in the salon!


Heather Robinson – Advanced Stylist

Heather’s drive and determination to be successful in the beauty industry began at a young age. She gained extensive experience through the Milan Institute of cosmetology. She furthered her education through The Vidal Sassoun Precision Cutting techniques class.


Chelsea Chapple Junior Stylist

When Chelsea was young she discovered she had a natural talent for styling. She was the ‘go to’ person for styling for formal events and weddings. She realized that she was on the path to a successful career in the beauty industry and enrolled in The Paul Mitchell Academy.  It didn’t take long for her to enter into the advanced Phase 2 Program, where her love for color began. Once she graduated, she started her career in Southern California, strengthening her balayage and highlight skills before moving back to the East Bay and joining the Citrus team!

What is your favorite thing to behind the chair, aside from color? I love cutting short hair! I love mid length bobs and textured a-lines. I enjoy how much precision goes into a short/medium length cut. I think helping people to feel confident and sassy in a shorter style is the best!


Nikki Dominguez – Stylist

An experienced make up artist and seasoned vet to the beauty world, Nikki began her employment with Citrus as an apprentice and quickly completed the program and earned her way to a New Talent stylist. She quickly completed the program and is now working behind the chair as a Citrus stylist!


Lily Gusman – Junior Stylist

Lily knew that she always wanted to be a stylist. She graduated high school early and started her career in the world of hair at just seventeen years old. She honed her craft after several years, gaining behind the chair experience before joining the Citrus team in 2016.

Santiago Limon – Junior Stylist

Santiago came to Citrus with an extensive education and an insatiable passion for color. While completing our New Talent program, he strengthened his cutting skills and now works behind the chair as a full time Citrus stylist!

What do you love the most about being a stylist? I have a lot of pride in what I do. Both technically, and the salon community. It is incredible to be apart of something that not only inspires me, but also that helps people feel great inside and out.