From Art Beat, to the Downtown Martinez Zombie Brew Crawl, to our St. Baldrick’s cancer research fundraiser, we value our community. Stop by to check out the latest show, or tell us about your recent experience on Yelp.


Art at Citrus

Citrus supports local arts. Whether it be for the latest Art Beat, or for a community fundraiser, our walls are adorned with art created by Bay Area artists. Come in and check out the current show!

April 16th – Ed May Collection

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Artisan Papercuts and Collections by Julia Lindsteadt

A self-taught paper cut artist located in the San Francisco Bay Area, Julia has always been labeled as passionately creative by her family and friends. She began paper cutting as a “clean” art form she could easily and quickly do while her children napped.  Julia’s work is most often themed around her passion for nature (especially birds), well being and self improvement, and  organic lines and shapes.










Drift With By Sara Watson

Sara creates intricate geometric and organic designs, drilled into hand-made wooden light boxes. These astounding works of art show serious dedication and talent. For more of her work please visit

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September 12th – “We Are Here’ Kelly Nicolaisen

From behind her camera, Kelly breathes life into still images by exploring every day scenes through her unique perspective. The vibrant color palette of her portfolio reveals her fun loving personality and humorous outlook on line.

Screen Shot 2015-08-18 at 12.13.32 PM

May 15th- “Here On Earth” Irene Bergamini

A series of photographs by the talented Irene Bergamini. Take a trip across the globe, visit breathtaking landscapes and marvel at rare and beautiful wild life. Experience her journeys through her breathtaking photographs from her travels around the world.

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Jan 30th – “Art For a Cure” Citrus Salon Family

A collection of various mediums featuring the Citrus Salon family. This will be our first art auction for the St. Baldrick’s fundraiser foundation. From acrylic, to water color, oil, and collage, the Citrus family has brought together some amazing pieces – and for an amazing cause.

art for a cure 2

Feb. 21st through June 15th – “Tripod Diaries” Lorena Castillo
This beautiful new collection from Lorena Castillo, the creator of past Citrus art shows,”Thread Count” and “In Place” is a glimpse at the last year of an adventurous woman’s life through the lens of her camera.